Buy your own house in Amstelveen?

Buying your own house in Amstelveen?
Amstelveen is a pleasant place to live and it is a good city to buy a house for a multitude of reasons. There are pleasant neighborhoods with good schools, a nice city center, and it is of course close to Schiphol. Enough reasons to consider Amstelveen for your permanent residence. Buying a house in Amstelveen is therefore a good idea.
Is Amstelveen a nice city to live in?
With around 100,000 residents, Amstelveen is equipped with all desirable amenities. There are good schools including 19 primary schools and all forms of secondary education from VMBO and MAVO to HAVO / VWO and a gymnasium. A multitude of gyms and associations provide opportunities for fitness, martial arts, dancing, badminton, korfball and much more. There are several Protestant as well as Catholic churches with a long history in Amstelveen. In addition to the Amsterdamse Bos, which is largely located in Amstelveen, this municipality also contains the Amstelland green area, and has a number of other parks for recreation. The city center has been voted the best shopping center in the Netherlands for three years in a row.
Which neighborhood of Amstelveen is the best place to live?
When you think about buying a house in Amstelveen, the question arises, in which neighborhood? Amstelveen has almost 100,000 inhabitants, so there is plenty of choice. In both appearance, price and location. In Bankras / Kostverloren, built in the 1960s, there are many single-family homes surrounded by high flats and a number of large shopping centers. The neighborhood overlooks the open landscape of the Middelpolder. The Buitengebied Amstel district is known for its hospitality and borders a nature and recreation area in the north. Elsrijk has a long rich history of 1000 years of habitation, and is now characterized by mainly low-rise buildings and many water features. There are almost a dozen other neighborhoods in Amstelveen, each with their own character but characterized by space and greenery, and easily accessible from Schiphol and Amsterdam.
Is Amstelveen easily accessible?
The location of Amstelveen is ideal. Adjacent to Amsterdam in the north it is easily accessible by bus, tram and metro, as well as by car via the A9, which runs from east to west through Amstelveen directly to neighboring Schiphol. The Beneluxbaan is the most important north-south axis. You still live close to Amsterdam, but it’s all more spacious and greener. Amstelveen is therefore an attractive option for many companies. For example, KLM’s head office is in Amstelveen, and other large corporations such as Canon and HP have established their offices here.
What is there to do in Amstelveen?
If you want to move to a new city, there must of course be something to do there. Amstelveen is no less in culture than other municipalities. Some neighborhoods originated from historic villages. For example Bovenkerk with the recognizable Sint Urbanuskerk from 1883, and Nes aan de Amstel, an island created on a headland that was previously stuck on the east bank of the Amstel. Also known from Amstelveen is of course the Cobra Museum of Modern Art, and the Jan van der Togt Museum. The Amsterdam Electric Museum Tram Line runs its tram services between Easter and the end of October. For families there is also plenty to do, for example the many playgrounds and play pools that are well maintained, or Speelboerderij Elsenhove.
Buy your own house in Amstelveen
There are many reasons why you want to live in Amstelveen. I grew up in Bovenkerk, a village in a city and I know Amstelveen like the back of my hand so I not only advise on the best mortgage but can also help with questions about the municipality.