When you’re buying a house in the Netherlands, there are more costs involved than just the price of the house. As these generally cannot be included in the financing, you will have to pay these out of pocket. If this becomes difficult, please contact us, as we can often help you lower them.

Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent is, of course, optional but may help you find a house and negotiate the price. Prices vary, as some agents charge a fixed fee while others charge between 0.5% and 1.5% of the property value. Some charge both. Expat Mortgage Advisor has a number of agents in their books that are specialised in the housing market and understand how this works for expats.

Bank Guarantee

The mandatory 10% deposit for the seller can be substituted by a Bank Guarantee if you can’t provide this yourself. Expect to pay around 1% of the amount of the guarantee.

Structural Survey

The survey is not mandatory but can set your mind at ease in case of old or suspicious houses. Depending on the size of the building, the cost of a structural survey will vary from €350 to €700.

Transfer Tax

Two percent of the property value will go to the government in the form of a transfer tax. This applies to all instances where a property is transferred from one person to another. The exception then is when the house is newly built, or when the previous owner has bought it only six months previously.

Tax deductible costs

A number of costs are tax deductible, meaning they can be lowered by effectively 38% or 49% depending on the amount of your gross income. These include:

Civil Law NotaryTo legally transfer the property to your name and register it at the land registry. Depending on the notary, this will cost between €900 and €2.000.

Valuation – If you are getting a mortgage, an official valuation report will always be required by the bank or lender. Depending on the valuer, this will cost approximately €500 to €800.

National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) – An optional protection against residual debt, in case you can’t pay your mortgage due to unemployment, the inability to work, or divorce. The costs are 0.7% of the mortgage amount. However, since lenders offer much lower interest rates if you are thus protected, this money is easily recovered. Please be aware that NHG is only available for mortgages up to € 325.000.

Financial AdvisorPrices vary from € 2.500 to over € 5.000. At Expat Mortgage Advisor, you will get the best home for the all-inclusive fixed fee of only € 2.450 (purchase of your first home) or € 3.000 (purchase of your next home). Contact us for more information or see the breakdown below.

Why choosing us will save you money

Not only can the labyrinth of documents and requirements be quite overwhelming by itself, but we can also actually get you better deals with lenders. We will make sure you do not get overcharged or spend money unnecessarily. This will, of course, save you money in the long run. After all, wrong decisions can be costly when buying a house.

Not only do we help you get the lowest possible mortgage rates, we take care of everything else as well! Expat Mortgage Advice will go the extra mile to get you from dream house to reality home as soon as possible, and with lower out-of-pocket costs.

Initial meetings: No cost!
Complete advice and organisation of your mortgage: € 2.450 to € 3.000
Additional cost for a self-employed customer: €500 per person

There are no surprises with our fixed fee, which includes organising life insurance, the National Mortgage Guarantee, and your bank guarantee. Only for complex situations, such as divorces, loss-financing, refinancing, fiscal issues, subsidies, existing insurances and such, do we calculate a custom price. This will, of course, be discussed with you upfront during an initial meeting. We do not charge any fees until an agreement has been signed with you, after which we will start going the extra mile for you immediately.

*All costs are tax deductible and VAT inclusive.

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