Buy a house in Hoofddorp

With more than 75.000 residents, Hoofddorp is literally the main village of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, which has a total of around 150,000 residents. Hoofddorp is a relatively new place that has grown very fast in the last 50 years. In 1970 it only had 9.000 inhabitants. Today it is an island of activity in a sea of ​​polders. The municipality of Haarlemmermeer is of course best known for Schiphol Airport, and there is no city that is as close to the international airport as Hoofddorp. Due to its favorable location in relation to Schiphol, many national and international companies are established.
In my advisory practice I notice that many expats but also Amstelveners and Amsterdammers are moving to Hoofddorp because of the location but mainly because of the accessibility:
Is Hoofddorp easily accessible?
Because Hoofddorp is close to Schiphol, it is easily accessible via all means of transport. Various train lines run through Hoofddorp to Schiphol, Amsterdam, Almere, Leiden, The Hague and Utrecht. There are also bus connections to Schiphol, Niew-Vennep, Amstelveen and Amsterdam. Hoofddorp is surrounded by the N201 and N205, which offer easy access by car to Schiphol and Amsterdam via the nearby A4. They also offer access to Haarlem and Amsterdam West via connection to the A5. In the south, via connection to the A44, you go to Leiden and The Hague.
What can you do in Hoofddorp?
Hoofddorp is a compact place surrounded by polders, peace and space. There are therefore various parks and recreational areas in the area. The city center is not exactly in the middle of Hoofddorp because expansions of the city cannot go to the east; Schiphol is located there. There are a number of theaters and theaters where there is a varied selection for the culture lover.
There are a number of recreation areas nearby where you can enjoy nature. There is a wild botanical garden of 1 hectare, De Heimanshof, located on the Wieger Bruinlaan. To the south of Hoofddorp lies the Toolenburgerplas recreational area, a large lake with beaches and hiking trails, adjacent to the Toolenburg and Floriande districts. The oldest park in Hoofddorp is the Wandelbos on the Boslaan. The larger Haarlemmermeerse Bos is mainly known because every year there is both a Hippique competition and the Mysteryland music festival.
The old town hall has been renovated into a modern, small theater, which is also called the Old Town Hall. Behind the gallery and café-restaurant is a sculpture garden with a terrace. The Cultuurgebouw on the Raadhuisplein has been open since 2011. It contains the De Meerse theater, Pier-K cultural center, a library and also Duycker music venue. There is room for more than 500 people and there are daily shows with theater, dance, classical music, jazz and cabaret. Finally, the CineMeerse cinema is located on Raadhuisplein, which always offers enough space with eight screens.
In which neighborhood is it best to buy a house in Hoofddorp?
Hoofddorp consists of various residential areas. Kalorama and the Beukenhorst industrial estate are to the east. Nearby there is also Hoofddorp-Center, Piratenwijk, De President and the Graan voor Visch district. The latter is named after the so-called farm that once stood there. It refers to the place where arable land was cultivated where water had been before. The only mosque for Hoofddorp and the surrounding area is here. To the south of the neighborhood is Graan voor Visch-Zuid, a business park adjacent to the NS station, from where a train ride to Schiphol Airport takes just five minutes.
You will find Noord, Oud-West, Pax and Toolenburg between the Hoofdvaart and the Nieuwerkerkertocht. Toolenburg is one of the largest neighborhoods in Hoofddorp, and consists of Toolenburg East and Toolenburg West. Toolenburg South will also be added soon. Toolenburg is provided with high-quality public transport via various bus lines. The Toolenburgerplas recreation area is close to the neighborhood, as well as a number of sports clubs. The Pax neighborhood, which means peace in Latin, is known as a green neighborhood. The first major new-build district in Hoofddorp also contains a shopping center
In the west of Hoofddorp lie Vrijschot-Noord, Bleesland, Vrijschot-Zuid, and Bornholm. Bornholm contains a number of schools and a shopping center, the Skagerhof. Also here are Overbos, Floriande (North, South, IJwijk, the Pleinen, Sportdorp, de Hoven and Archipel) and Boseilanden. Boseilanden is a recreational and residential area of ​​approximately three kilometers long and 300 meters wide.
Is Hoofddorp a suitable place for expats to settle?
The Randstad has of course always been attractive for international companies. Thanks to the good connections with Amsterdam and Schiphol, small and large international companies are located in Hoofddorp, such as L’Oreal, Siemens, Idexx Laboratories, and TNT. There are therefore a number of business parks such as Graan voor Visch-Zuid and Beukenhorst. This makes it attractive not only for international companies to establish themselves in Hoofddorp, but also for international families. There are a number of international schools and various housing options, such as single-family homes in the neighborhoods and apartments in the city center. The city center is also a popular shopping destination and in 2017 it even won second prize for “best center” in the category for medium-sized cities.