Mortgage advice in Amstelveen

Knowledge of local market
In addition to complete knowledge of mortgages, it is extremely important for good mortgage advice that your mortgage adviser has knowledge of the local market.
What does your future place of residence look like?
What can you do? And where can you best settle, based on your personal situation?
Therefore come to me for a conversation with a mortgageadvisor who can give you the best advice for you.
Living in Amstelveen
I myself have been working in Amstelveen for years and live just outside the border of Amstelveen in Aalsmeer (which is actually the same municipality by now).
Whether you grew up in Amstelveen and want to buy a house or want to live here for business reasons, Amstelveen is a good municipality to buy a house.
Near Amsterdam and especially Schiphol, deep in the Randstad but still full of peace and space, Amstelveen is an attractive municipality for young families as well as companies. With over 40.000 homes, your dream home can be found here.
In the modern shopping center in the Stadshart you will find a lot of cultures in one of the largest shopping areas in the region. Especially many Japanese shops and restaurants, which, besides Chinese and Indian, form a large part of the population here.
In the Randwijck, Stadshart and Patrimonium neighborhoods there are interesting homes for higher incomes. In Elsrijk and Bankras, detached and semi-detached houses are being built, 50% of which will be sold to residents of Amstelveen.
At the Amsterdam Zuidas, more offices and new-build homes will become available as a result of the A10, which will partially go underground there.
For luxury apartments you can go to the Kleine Poel in Bovenkerk.
What does a mortgage advice cost?
Buying a house, and therefore taking out a mortgage, is a big financial decision.
Expat Mortgage Advisor in Amstelveen gives you local independent advice and guides you professionally in taking out a mortgage in Amstelveen. The lowest rates for a mortgage advice are around € 2.000.
Expats who want to buy their next home pay an average of € 500 more compared to starters.
What kind of mortgage
A mortgage advice is of course specifically built around your personal situation. There are a multitude of circumstances that you have to think about.
Are you a Starter and are you going to buy your first home?
That is of course incredibly exciting, but a lot is coming on your way.
Arranging a mortgage takes four weeks on average.
How do you find your way through the entire process? You can contact the mortgage advisor for this.
Frequently asked questions that we can discuss with you are;
“Which repayment forms can I choose from?”
“How long does it take to get my mortgage?”
“How long do I have to fix my interest?”
“How much can I borrow based on my income?”
“How much can I borrow based on the value of the home?”
What do you have to take into account when you want to purchase your next home?
Are you going to your next home? Then there are more things to look out for.
You are already dealing with an existing mortgage and with it the question of taking it with you or not?
Is there any surplus value on your existing home or a residual debt?
Is it best to first sell your house or buy your new one first?
How does a bridging loan work?
These are things that you should think of when you buy your next house.
How can I take out a mortgage as an Expat?
If you have a permanent residence permit, and / or an EU resident, if you are a highly skilled migrant or have substantial savings, you can buy a house in the Netherlands with a mortgage.
We can tell you exactly what is involved and how it works.
Ask us for a conversation
At Expat Mortgage Advisor you can always ask questions about your budget, compare interest rates, find personal advice and find a situation that suits you. Make an appointment so that we can ensure that the process runs smoothly.