Buy a house in Uithoorn

If you are thinking of buying a house in Uithoorn, then you are probably looking for peace and space, but still within the Randstad. In which neighborhood or district can you best settle? In Uithoorn you can go in different directions, lying on the Groene Hart or rather in the city center, history-rich neighborhoods and space for families.
As a mortgage adviser, I have assisted many customers with buying a house in Uithoorn, a quiet place that you can rightly call upcoming. I even had my office there for a while. At that time I sometimes had lunch at Sjiek aan de Amstel and in the summer I got an ice cream at Esplanade.
Why live in Uithoorn?
If you want to buy a house in Uithoorn, you naturally want to be sure that all facilities are present. Rest assured that you can go to Uithoorn for all forms of education, with nine primary schools, various playgroups and daycare centers and also a special educational institution. In addition, there are secondary schools that offer VMBO to HAVO / VWO and high school, as well as a practical school.
Uithoorn is also extremely suitable for recreation. The southernmost point of Uithoorn, located directly on the Meerwijk-West and Meerwijk-East neighborhoods, is the Uithoorn nature reserve. This is also the start of the Groene Hart, a peat meadow area that has been designated as a National Landscape.
The 60-hectare Zijdelmeer is a beautiful area where you can walk through the reed fields, grasslands, hay islands and a swampy forest. On the Boterdijk you will find the Bram de Groote Garden, a home-like garden with area-specific plant species and special trees.
Uithoorn has a long and rich history. Various war monuments, statues, sculptures and objects have been placed in the public space. There are also a number of churches from the 1800s that may be counted as places of interest.
Which neighborhood is the best place to live?
Uithoorn consists of seven neighborhoods.
In the 40s to 80s, construction was mainly to the north of the N196 (then the N201). The oldest of these is the Thamerdal district, where the larger hamlet of Thamen was in the Middle Ages. The Zijdelwaard and Legmeer neighborhoods refer to locations where the legmeer polders were previously located. History and geography ensure green areas with lots of water.
South of the provincial road you will find the Meerwijk-West and Meerwijk-Oost neighborhoods. Located between the Zijdelmeer, where the district owes its name, and the nature reserve Uithoorn. The neighborhood has mainly single-family homes with residential streets. Lots of greenery, watercourses with bridges, and pedestrian and cycle paths. In between the neighborhoods there are green areas that are restricted to traffic.
South of the N201 and located on the Amstel you will find the old city center. Here is a relatively new shopping center on Amstelplein, and many eateries and shops that give Uithoorn its appearance, with a rich history and lots of nature. The St. John the Baptist church is also known as the Schanskerk. Located on the Schans, whose name comes from the time in the 17th century when Uithoorn came to the forefront of the invasion of the French troops. It is nice to walk in this neighborhood on the water with many bars and restaurants.
The largest area in terms of surface area, characterized by much horticulture and animal husbandry, is the Kwakel. The center has a history that began around the year 1000, after the start of the reclamation of the Dutch peat areas. The neighborhood includes the Fort at De Kwakel, classified as a world heritage site. Bar het Fort is located in this unique location.
Is Uithoorn easily accessible?
In the near future, the Amstel tram from Amstelveen Westwijk to Uithoorn will be extended via the old railway. Of the original rail link, only the old station building is currently in use as a restaurant. Because part of the old railway line has been converted into a bus lane, it runs parallel but separately from the traffic jams. Bus line 348 runs from the heart of Uithoorn to the bus station in Amstelveen. From Amstelveen you can take various buses to Amsterdam Central.
Uithoorn is best reached by car via the N196 from Haarlem to Hilversum. The N201 runs around Uithoorn as a ring road, which saves the center of heavy traffic.
Why buy a house in Uithoorn?
All in all, Uithoorn is a fantastic municipality to buy a house. Tranquility and space, lots of water and nature areas make the green neighborhoods very pleasant to live for families. The city center is new and equipped with a shopping center, but also contains plenty of appearance, history and culture, where you can walk and eat.
Today, many home seekers are looking for a home in Uithoorn because home prices in Uithoorn are even lower than in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.